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Character: Scar

Series: The Lion King

Version: Original Theatrical Release/Special Edition

Age: Unknown (but full adult lion age, whatever the heck that is)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: …I’m not sure I want to think about it…

Appearance: For a fully grown male lion, Scar is rather thin (maybe a third of the mass of his brother Mufasa). Most of his fur is a burnt orange, but his mane is black as the night. His eyes are an envious, vibrant green and are surrounded by darker fur, and over his left eye is a pink scar. It looks like something slashed him with one claw. A row of razor sharp teeth punctuates every smile. His movements are very careful and fluid, low to the ground and often made with sways of his hips or swinging of his front paws, to some rhythm only he can hear.

Personality: Scar is ruthless, manipulative, and cowardly. He’s also extremely selfish and self-absorbed, looking out only for himself and using others only to further his own ends. He was always jealous of Mufasa for getting all the muscles, and never had any love for Mufasa’s son, Simba. In all his dealings with Mufasa, he was a very studied sort of submissive—fearful, but defiant, ever waiting for his chance. His snakelike charisma let him steer Simba constantly toward danger, into situations Scar planned to use to kill him. He also made friends with the hyenas, enemies of Mufasa. Without remorse—with a smile, even—Scar killed his own brother, throwing him into a stampede of wildebeests, then convinced Simba that it was all the cub’s fault. When Scar took over the kingdom, he was mad, and his pact with the hyenas drove all the prey away. He refused to listen to reason.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Scar is very charismatic, if nothing else, and is incredibly intelligent as well. It’s not hard for him to manipulate someone to do what he wants, and that’s the most dangerous thing about him. He’s a fully grown (though thin) male lion, which is a bonus by itself. He’s strong, and incredibly dexterous. And he’s got a lovely singing voice.

Weaknesses: Scar is by no means a very powerful specimen. He has his teeth and claws, and some experience with fighting, but he’s no match for his brother. He’s far too thin.
Since Scar is such a weakling physically, he's a huge coward. He'll try to back down or sneak out of any situation that would get him hurt physically. For all his cunning and charisma, Scar often remains detached from the actual world around him. He'll lose his temper over things he has no control over at all, and yell at subordinates for being unable to complete literally impossible tasks.
He isn't very well liked, not even by his pride, or the hyenas. He's honestly delusional, and well on his way to going psycho.

History: When we first see Scar in the movie, he tried to eat Zazu, Mufasa’s hornbill advisor. His next act, though, is far worse. Mufasa told Simba not to go near the borders of the kingdom, where the light from the sun didn’t fall. Scar, however, told Simba that “only the bravest of lions go there,” which of course got the young Simba riled up. Simba went there against his father’s wishes; Scar had told the hyenas already that the cub would be coming, and ordered them to kill him. Mufasa saved Simba, though, and Scar, after berating them, came up with a treacherous plot.

He led Simba into a deep ravine, and told him to wait while he got Mufasa for a “surprise.” The hyenas, at Scar’s signal, started a herd of wildebeests stampeding down into the gorge. Scar feigned worry at the event when he got Mufasa, and they both rushed to the ravine, with Zazu flying behind. Once Mufasa had thrown himself into the stampede to save his son, Scar smacked Zazu into a rockface, putting the bird out of commission. Mufasa fell back into the gorge after carrying Simba to safety, and in a last ditch effort to save himself he scrabbled up the cliff face. Out of sight of the cub, Scar dug his claws into Mufasa’s paws, and threw him back down, saying “Long live the king.” He found Simba next to Mufasa’s body after the stampede, and blamed the cub for Mufasa’s death—then told him to never return to the Pridelands.

Scar took over as King, and ruled using the hyenas as lackeys to keep the lionesses obedient. He never told them what happened to Simba or Mufasa, either. When a grown-up Simba returned to Pride Rock, Scar tried to get the lionesses to side with him instead of Mufasa’s son, using the same guilt trip he’d run the cub out of the kingdom with. He pushed Simba to the very edge of Pride Rock, putting him in the same position his father was on the cliff. Scar did the same to Simba as he’d done to Mufasa, then confessed that he was the one who killed Mufasa, not Simba. Simba tackled him, pinned him, and Scar admitted to the entire pride what he’d done. The hyenas attacked, and Scar tried to sneak away, only to be followed by his nephew. Scar tried to keep Simba from harming him by putting all the blame on the hyenas. Simba hadn’t intended to kill Scar when they fought, but Scar was thrown off the top of the cliffs, down to the hyenas below, who quickly jumped on him.
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